3A :: Amethyst sculpture

CHF 2'000.00

3A :: Amethyst sculpture

CHF 2'000.00

Origin: Brazil
Size: approx 50 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Colour: dark violet
Shape: sculpture

The amethyst has its name from the Greek “amethystos”, which means “to counteract intoxication”. People believed that the amethyst has a sobering effect and preserves the bearer from the intoxication of wine.
Bacchus is another variant of the name, named after the god of wine and intoxication.
The violet of the amethyst goes from a very light pinkish tinge to an intense dark colour.

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Effect and application
The amethyst, like any healing stone, does not have any magical miracle effects, but it has several effects on body, mind and soul. In addition, it is valuable and helpful to increase concentration. In addition, it promotes objective thinking, which should simplify the decision making process.

The amethyst is said to have the following properties:
– Better perception
– Helps to cope with exam stress, grief and sadness
– Dissolves negative emotions
– Brings back a peaceful sleep
– Supports the mind in finding inner peace

Amethyst druses, steps or groups should be placed in the room in a place without direct sunlight. In this way the stones develop their best possible effect.

Cleaning, charging and discharging
The amethyst should be discharged monthly or after use under lukewarm running water for about 10 minutes. At the same time it is also cleaned. However, you should avoid using additional cleaning agents. Never charge the amethysts in the sun, as the stone can lose its colour due to UV radiation.

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