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The power of the stones

Gemstones possess a mysterious power that goes far beyond their optical beauty. However, a little patience is needed to feel the success.

For more and more people, gemstones are more than just dead objects: they are said to have a magical life of their own and have been believed since time immemorial to possess mysterious powers that bring happiness and healing. Their crystalline structure makes them ideal “receivers” of sunlight and all cosmic rays. At the same time, each stone has its own, unmistakable vibration, which – together with colour and form – has a direct effect on its surroundings. This also applies to the human organism, which can be stimulated both physically and psychologically by the vibrational energy of stones. Unconsciously – because one is wearing a gemstone necklace, for example, or there is a gemstone in the room. Or consciously – by using the healing power of crystals alone or with the help of a lithotherapist. According to lithotherapy (gemstone healing), the electromagnetic radiation of a stone influences the energy flow of the body’s energy pathways (meridians), the activity of the energy centres in the body (chakras), the electrical conduction of nerves, the activity of endocrine glands and the metabolism of cells. It also indirectly simulates the associated mental, spiritual and emotional areas.

Although the prescription of powdered jewellery is no longer part of the medical repertoire, lithotherapy has come back into fashion. The offer is correspondingly large: from wearing and placing the stones in case of physical complaints to the production of gemstone water, powder and elixir, gemstone meditation and spiritual development and healing processes, with the focus on working with crystals – all this satisfies the demand. Thus, among other things, the aura of a person is to be purified during “crystal healing” in order to free him from suppressed mental vibrations and to enable a growth process. Gemstone acupuncture and massage are further fields of application of the therapy. Through direct skin contact an energetic charging of all organs takes place. Stones, whose vibrations have a helping or healing influence on the energy balance of the body, can be carried with you at all times – in your trouser pocket if you want to stimulate the chakras in the lower body area, on a chain if the heart, neck or forehead centre is to be stimulated. Smoothed and polished “touchstones” are also often recommended, which nestle in the hand. Here, the body receptors pick up the vibrations emanating from the stone and transmit them to the energy centres.

A small selection


The name is said to come from the river agates in Sicily. It belongs to the oldest desired gemstones, which were always used as luck and healing stones. To have an agate cut to an amulet or hand flatterer with you should make its wearer sensitive for other people.


The ancient Greeks wore the amethyst against sorcery, homesickness and evil thoughts. The Buddhist monks of India use it for meditation. Hildegard von Bingen counted it among her 12 healing stones.


Legend has it that it comes from the treasure chest of a mermaid (“aqua maris” means “water of the sea”) and brings pure love. By a brighter or darker – becoming true and false he shall indicate.


From antiquity to the Middle Ages, rock crystal was believed to be petrified ice and gods and spirits lived in rock crystal palaces. Indians still place the holy stone in the cradle of newborns.


The Greeks called it “elektron” i.e. “sun-golden”. The amber awakens the joy of life, strengthens the well-being and helps babies to teething.

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